Marina Rubicon Parking

List of Parking Fees

RATE 1ROTATION (07:00 - 00:00)00:4500:150,02€25,00€
OTHER RATESNIGHT (00:00 - 07:00)00:1000:100,03€25,00€


  • Entry / Exit Excess: Free transit minutes granted for a vehicle that immediately enters and exits the car park, without going through the cash register or validating a ticket
  • Excess payment / exit: Free driving minutes granted for the exit of a vehicle after having paid for the parking.
  • Price per minute: Amount to be charged per minute.
  • Maximum price / day: maximum amount to be charged in a day of stay.
  • Night rate: Time zone from 00:00 to 7:00 h.


Obtaining a ticket and remaining inside the Marina Rubicón car park (the whole Marina) beyond the 45 minutes of free parking time implies the acceptance by the client of the following rules:

  1. The table of current rates shall be permanently displayed in such a way as to be easily visible to users. Throughout the Marina there are signs with scannable QR codes where you can check prices, location of ATMs, conditions and rules of the Marina Rubicon Parking.
  2. Those users who consume in the stores, restaurants, bars or services of Marina Rubicón adhered to the Marina Rubicón client subscription program, will be able to redeem at the place of consumption or purchase, two hours of bonus stay. (Consult in each business). This discount will not be cumulative.
  3. All users must follow the instructions given by the parking control and surveillance personnel. All users must ensure the proper maintenance of the parking lot by making proper use of the facilities.
  4. The use of more than one parking space by a vehicle or preventing the use of other parking spaces, either because of their size, incorrect placement or any other reason, will imply the obligation to pay, at the request of the company, the fee corresponding to the occupied spaces.
  5. Users shall be liable for any damage they cause to the parking facilities or to other vehicles or users due to willful misconduct, fault, negligence or violation of the rules established in these regulations or in the applicable legislation.
  6. The company will establish a number of places for the use of disabled motorists in accordance with current legislation, which must be respected by the rest of the users. There are also spaces reserved exclusively for recharging electric cars, which must also be respected by users.
  7. The parking service does not constitute a contract of deposit of the vehicle nor of the objects that could be in its interior. The concessionaire is not responsible for any theft, loss or damage caused by third parties to the vehicle or its contents.
  8. In the offices there will be complaint forms and an incident form, duly regulated, where users may express those aspects of the parking lot or its management that they consider inadequate, that have undermined their rights of use, that they consider contravene these Regulations, maintenance problems or any other consideration that they consider appropriate to point out.