Boat Yard

Marina Rubicon’s first-class yard services offer a complete range of repair and maintenance services for your boat.

Nautical Marina Rubicón

Boatyard Reservations

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday 9.00-13.30 and 14.30-18.00

Boat Yard Services

Nautical Marina Rubicón

Boat Sales

Nautical exhibition, sale of motor and sailing boats, sale of motors.
Nautical Marina Rubicón

Naval Supplies Store

The nautical shop Accastillage Diffusión, managed by Rumbo Norte, is located at the entrance of Boat Yard Marina Rubicon. With more than 300 m2 of nautical exhibition you will find the complete range of Accastillage Diffusion with mooring, batteries, acastillage, spare parts motor, electronics, comfort, paintings, electricity, etc. All your products and spare parts of the highest quality and at the best price to prepare your trip to the Caribbean.

Nautical Marina Rubicón

Useful Information

At Marina Rubicón we inform you about weather and sea conditions, discounts, activity guides, anchors, ports and navigation charts of the area.

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