28° 51' 44.36'' N 13° 48' 0.59'' W
28° 51' 44.36'' N 13° 48' 0.59'' W

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One of the main advantages of Lanzarote, apart from its gentle climate that can be enjoyed all year round, is the fact that it has not succumbed to the worst excesses of town planning, preserving the architectural style of the island. Marina Rubicón respects this policy towards the environment, and is designed in such a way that it resembles an island hamlet, with its narrow streets, fountains, bridges, gardens and pools, creating an environment which is a pleasure to stroll through, go shopping, enjoy a drink or have a bite to eat, in a relaxed and elegant atmosphere.

There is always plenty to do, both day and night, with a mixture of visitors who have arrived by land and both regular and occasional users of the berths, either on their way to the Caribbean or sailing round the Canaries.

Even before it was being built, Marina Rubicón was set to become a unique place on the island, combining the best and most complete facilities for boats with the best attractions and most entertainment for crews and visitors alike.

This aim has been more than achieved, as Marina Rubicón has an experienced sailoring service available 24 hours a day, as well as security service, and with berth-side electricity, telephone and internet connection. All maintenance and repair work is available, including diving and catering. If your stay at the harbour is a longer one, the available facilities expand further still, with pádel tennis, diving and sailing, and the always enjoyable pleasure of great food.

The high quality of the eating possibilities goes hand in hand with the quality of the hotels surrounding the marina. The Princesa Yaiza and the Gran Meliá Volcán, both five-star hotels, combine high level of service with an architecture very much in keeping with the island's style.

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